Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Duck tales

Below: Ducklings at two weeks of age.

Well I have been put to the test and unfortunately I can't go thru with it. I origionally said that when we are out here in the country that whatever is excess, animal wise, I would kill it and have it for dinner.
We had ducklings born to us for the first time here about four months ago and we ended up with two drakes. They are now constantly fighting over their own sisters as well as rather cruel fighting with their dad. So I thought I could kill them and have them as a meal. Not so...
So I am off to the Pig and Calf in Warwick tomorrow to sell them instead. They are my youngest son's animals and I will keep some of the proceeds for feed that they have consumed during their short lives with us but other than that the rest of the money will go to Joshua.
I must say that they boys and I are rather happy about the end choice that I made. I don't think they could have eaten their dinner... Me I have to get up the hmmmm stomach to do the deed yet. Chooks for dinner, no problem. Done them and am not attached to them. But duckies are soooo cute when they are little. I know this sort of self talk doesn't help me at all but there I am. Maybe next time??? We will see I guess.
Cheers Damaris

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Ann at eightacresofeden said...

We had ducklings which grew into big, hungry muscovie ducks and one Mallard mother duck who was 'in charge' until she met the fox and I think the same fox came back for each one in turn. We will not have ducks again and the children will not be naming any more of our chickens! It's very easy to become attached to an animal with a name. So no more characters from Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. The ducks did make great pets though!