Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I got a job...

Last week I put in for a job at Seek.com.au and got an interview on Monday... It went for allot longer than it was meant to and I had allot of positive feedback from the panel. I was so excited to be there. Not nervous at all...

To say it was an awesome experience is really an understatement. My last job that I went for was 21.5 years ago. That was to enter the Public Service. I loved that job for many, many years but it is not practical to travel there now as one way takes about three hours with car and public transport. Hubby still does this every week so I know the distance...

Anyway, On Tuesday while having Home Church here I got a call just before 5pm... Yep, I got the job. :) :) :)

Orientation starts this week and I start my first long shift on Saturday this week. Long shifts and overnight stays is all I want really as the job is in Toowoomba and it is about a 2.5hrs round trip for me. They are very happy to help me out on that front which I am very grateful for.

So the job: I am now a Disability Support Worker... I am still in a bit of shock really but am so happy to be given the opportunities that this job will bring ... It is my life. I live special needs. It is of a different kind to Timothy but special needs all the same so feel very blessed that I am able to work in the field that I feel very, very passionate about...

Can't wait to start :)

Just another step closer for my little family to be together all the time. :)

Cheers Damaris

12 Lovely Bottles of Onion Marmalade...

My lovely Onion Marmalade...

Last week on Thursday I decided that day would be D-Day... I had to get rid of them onions. I had gotten them for 9c a kilo so how could I go past that... No, couldn't and didn't. I bought only 10 kilos though. Should have gone for the 20 after all.

Anyway, I processed them all in the slicer. Thank God for the slicer. I am very spoilt. It did it in no time but by the end of the first bag of onions alone I was crying, I couldn't see and my nose was running (yep with snot)... Not a pretty picture. I left it there and aired the house out while I went for my power walk with Fiona and when I got back it had only really dispersed the stench throughout the whole house not just confining it to the kitchen. Never mind...

I processed the rest of them and then did what I had to in my two largest pots. I ended up with 12 large jars of Marmalade... Made the house smell nice and I couldn't get rid of the smell out of my nose for about two days... lol

They will make nice presents for Christmas. Seeing they are water bathed they will last at least 5 years on my shelf. One jar didn't seal properly so oh well we will just have to share that with people that come over. lol

Cheers Damaris

Girl's weekend...

Lis greeted Tina and I with pressies :)

Beautiful Chico :)

We retaught Mum Rummy and I didn't even cheat once lol

Mum, Lis, Tina and I :)

My beautiful sisters...

Mooloolaba on Saturday...

Love getting together with my sisters... Think I have mentioned that a couple of times. lol Not last weekend but the one before that I had the chance to see them both again for two nights. We had a lovely time and my BIL Phil spent some time with us also. We went and visited Mum and Andy and were introduced to their new baby... Chico Oh how cute he is. And growing very fast :)

We also got me a brand new outfit for a job interview I was going for on the Sunday. Blessed to have sisters that know what suits and what doesn't. Still don't like looking at myself in the mirror but must say I looked pretty good :)

The whole weekend was wonderful. This was also the first time I didn't really need to get away so much. Was nice to all the same :) This time we didn't get a tattoo or a piercing. Think we are done with those... We all got a piece of jewellery instead :) Tina got a pair of ear rings, Lis got a necklace and I got myself a lovely ring with three stones in it. One for each sister...

Cheers Damaris

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cast has come off...

Joshua had his plaster cast come off last Thursday. They did an X-ray on the hand and then decided to put on another cast. The third one that he has had. This one is fibreglass though and will be on for another two weeks... He was not really impressed... Never mind, the ice cream from McDonald's fixed that. It's failsafe and he can have a serving in a cup :)

Cheers Damaris

Birthday Girl Lil...

The lovely Lil, our Birthday Girl :)

One of the locals, Lil had her 70th Birthday last week so we had to celebrate off course. :) Doesn't look a day over 40 :)

So happy to have been part of the celebrations. :)

Cheers Damaris

Cent Auction

Last weekend we had a Cent Auction down for our local Hall. Much needed funds need to be raised as all our bills are going up... Nothing ever goes down does it? Anyway walked away with some lovely things that I won as well as things that I bought... You did a fantastic job organising it all Carly :)

Cheers Damaris

Decluttering time :)

Russell and Joshua playing in the shed :)

Russell has been in his shed playing... And throwing out a whole heap of stuff that he doesn't need. Yay!!! What a hoarder... So now with allot of things gone and the cubby being outside also we can again play table tennis. :) Boys are loving it and so are Russell and I :)

Cheers Damaris

Cozy fires...

We have been cranking up the fireplace over the last couple of weeks. We started as we had Russell's mum here for a week and now just put it on when it is really cold. We have had a few frosts already and my tomato plants have died... Shallots are going strong though :)

When Russell and Joshua went through our pile of wood they found a bird's nest snuggled in there really deep. So cute... Love the fires. Keeps the house soooo warm. Am so glad that our walls and ceiling are insulated. :)

Cheers Damaris

New building...

Our new building :)

Maryvale State School has scored a brand new building... Was great to watch it arrive on two trucks and then see how they put it together. :) Now to get furniture inside and get it used by the kids. lol

Cheers Damaris

The door is on :)

The cubby now has the door on it. It has since been oiled too. :) Getting there, getting there :)

Cheers Damaris

It's here :) :) :) :)

My new Solar Oven... :)

The Solar Rocket :)

Have wanted a Solar oven for many years and here it is :) We ended up getting the rocket as well as I wanted to be able to heat water for my coffee without using the kettle... I am sooo happy with it and will post photos when we start using it. At the moment we have had so many cloudy days and when the sun has been out I haven't been here... I have boiled water in it though to get rid of any fumes. :)

If you want the same large one let me know as if you mention our names you can get discounted postage. Comes from Europe and sent from Newcastle :) Heather is lovely to deal with and has lots of tips as well. Comes also with a cookbook as well as really easy to understand instructions. Very well made and is able to bake and cook which is what I really wanted. Most only cook... Can't wait to try it out. :)

Will keep you posted. :)

Cheers Damaris

Jumpers and Jazz...

Juliet loves Romeo...

Russell was asked this year to help out with creating a plaque for one of our Craft entries... It needed to be a wooden heart with Romeo and Juliet's initials on it with an arrow...

He went to town... He made the arrow with the back having guinea fowl and duck feathers. The front of the arrow had a polymer clay heart for an arrow and he even put a green drip on it for the poison... He chip carved the initials and even put the hooks on for the back. Now here we are thinking that someone may likely steal it so how to fasten it to the tree so it is secure. Don't know as yet what we will do but Russell was held in very high esteem for the end result. All are so happy with it and I am off course immensely proud of him. He got to put most of his talents to good use and show off just what he can do.

Clever sweetie he is :)

Cheers Damaris

What are they after???

10 little birds wouldn't leave the back door alone the other day. They were picking at what looked like dirt to me but do you think they would budge??? Nope... No idea what they were after. Was worthy a post anyway lol

Cheers Damaris

Tannymorel Sports Day at Maryvale...

So many people...

Joey and Josh...

Mr Polis and his little school :)

The shield :)

Couple of weeks ago we have a number of small schools out at our local cricket oval which adjoins Maryvale State School. The P&C catered for the hungry mob and we ended up raising $1000 much needed funds. What a day we had. There were so many trophies to give out and our school scored the Number 1 prize again. Most points comparative with how many children are in the school. Not bad for a school of only 11 kids. :)

Joshua hounded me to let him enter everything you can think of. I let him as long as he was careful, which off course he was. He knee was just about right though his cast weighed him down a little. He ended up with four ribbons and must say that I am soooo proud of him for trying so hard. His school couldn't have done without his help... You're a champ Darling. :)

Cheers Damaris

New TV Cabinet, finally...

A couple of weeks ago Harvey Norman in Toowoomba had a huge sale on and I found this cabinet. I had been looking for ages and we have been using an old decrepit one for years so it was time to get another one. I couldn't find one in any of our local op shops which was such a shame but was able to get $80 off this one :) Bargain... Love the space it fills and that it is not too overpowering. In such an open space it fits perfectly :)

Cheers Damaris

Look what we found...

Timothy was soooo careful... Very sad...

This little bird got stuck in with the ducklings as they were growing up... It couldn't get out once it had gotten in for a feed on their grain... We tried to nurse its sore foot and little bleed near one eye but unfortunately it didn't live through the night... RIP little one...

Cheers Damaris

Water Chestnuts...

Have had them in the pot for three years so thought it was about time that I harvested them. Lol... The best time of year to do that is in May once all of the storks have browned off...

Anyway got 1.85kg out of the pot. Not bad considering I have done nothing but top up the water every now and then and they have basically looked after themselves. :)

Cheers Damaris

Sausage is Sausage, amongst other stuff...

About 60kg's of meat. :)

Well Sausage went to the slaughter house last month and we have been enjoying ourselves on the bounty for about three weeks now. :) I ended up with 10kg failsafe sausages, 20kg mince, 12 rolled roasts, 10 silver sides, countless T bones, Y bones and chuck steak. There was also allot of Fillets too. Just so much meat... Amazing... We got the offal for the dogs and have cut them up into treat portions as well as bones for them. :) I have ended up with the full upright freezer and full deep chest full of Sausage...

Thanks mate, you have done well. :)

Cheers Damaris

Big Morning Tea for Cancer...

My 1st prize winnings...

Won two beautiful pillows made by local Joyce Locke, gave one away :)

Love the royal waves Ladies... Craft Ladies enjoying themselves. :)

Had the privilege in the middle of May to go to this up at our local Bestbrook Mountain Retreat. Was wonderful to catch up with many of the locals and to meet new people as well... I was lucky enough to win a few prizes. Including 1st prize no less :) Dinner for two up at Bestbrook Mountain Retreat to the value of $50.00. Will be using this when Timothy goes to Blue Care next... Wonder who can take Joshua for the night... Think I have a couple in mind... lol

Cheers Damaris

Isn't he clever???

Joshua is into the Neocubes lately. Timothy is now also but Joshua started with the craze in this house... He is rather clever at making different shapes... What do you think?

Cheers Damaris