Sunday, August 26, 2012

First time for everything...

So my eldest is a bottomless pit as most teenagers are... Nothing new there.

He asked me just before if he could have some frozen leftovers and make some pasta to go with it... Off course, I said ;)

He took care to turn on the right element on the stove, heated the water and kept coming back to see how the pasta was cooking. He did a really great job. But his eyes were a bit bigger than any of my bowls so he ended up putting his pasta on top of the mince he had defrosted... A layered meal lol.

He was rather chuffed with himself. He even took a small desert fork so that it would last longer lol. Wonder when he'll finish and want more!

At least I know he will be able to do it by himself next time. Love how little by little he is experimenting more and more and not so afraid to have a go :)

Well done, my growing lad!


Guess which is heavier...

So which egg this morning weighed in at 41g? And which one is 77g? Amazing seeing the difference...

Poor chooky that laid the big one. I think that the beautiful Australorp laid it. She's such a gentle and lovely girl :)


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kumquat marmalade...

I had the pleasure of going along with my wonderful friend Margaret to her local special school parent support group luncheon at their local RSL Club. Was great to support them as they had just reopened since being totally flooded out in January 2011. It was great to talk with so many lovely ladies that all had allot in common...

One lady there at one stage offered me her kumquat tree full of ripe fruit. I couldn't refuse ;) Margaret did a great job giving instructions of how to get to Kath's house... So much so we ended up in someone's yard that we still have no clue what their names are. To say the lady and her daughter were shocked at seeing us in their backyard (one was rather annoyed at the two guard dogs as they licked us, not shredded us, as they are supposed to lol) looking for a no existing tree, yep it is an understatement lol. We couldn't stop giggling, it was something you don't think you're ever going to do but here we were...

Anyway, we got to the right house, second time lucky, again let ourselves in, as we had permission this time, and except about 20 or so, we picked the tree clean :)

The smell when cutting up the fruit and when making the marmalade yesterday was... Amazing... The only tedious job was getting the seeds out of the marmalade before it set. Hubby and I scored sore backs out of it and am pretty sure there are still some in there... A little surprise for the receiver lol

I ended up with a heap of bottles that I waterbathed and the clamps come off tonight. I will then date the jars and give most away for Christmas.

One jar is in the fridge for use today already :) I love it though that the airtight jars will last about five years this way :) Love using what I can and making it last as long as possible!!!

My thanks again to the wonderful Kath for her generous donation. And off course to Margaret for getting us to the right house in the end and for helping me pick the tree clean ;)

Wow, what an adventure!!!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Nova... Oh so comfy :)

She loves a place to hide in a corner somewhere or a folding chair too :) Such a cutie!!!


Another wattle flowering :)

Love this one for it beautiful grey leaves... Looks fantastic in a vase :)

The flowers are just about perfectly rounded balls... Nature is just soooo amazing :)


Thursday, August 23, 2012

They've arrived!!!

Funny what you can get excited about... Me, it doesn't take much :)

Nearly two weeks ago, I ordered new glasses... My normal pair broke and I needed slightly stronger lenses too.

Took the opportunity to order them online as soooo much cheaper. I paid $81.55 for these three new pairs. They are a perfect fit and I love them...

Am loving seeing so well and knowing that they cost a fraction of what I would have paid in the shop!

Onya Zenni Optical, you rock!!!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lots of Lavender...

Margaret made Lavender infused oil... I took a shopping bag full and placed two buckets full out at work. Some even made it to the office :) Smells divine!


Girls Night Out...

Went with my lovely friend Margaret last Friday... Had a great girly night out. Great music, great speakers, great company :)

Thanks again for the invite Margaret :) xo


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free coffee...

Went to the local pharmacy up near work... Saw a sign as I was paying that if you spent more than $15 you could get a free coffee with a voucher. Felt like one, so got the voucher :)

Went next door and ordered my Latte :) Had a slice of lemon meringue pie too... To say it was divine is an understatement :)


What the???

Went to some training today and the lovely lady I went with parked in a pay parking area... We went to pay as the signs are all still there... The metre boxes however have been removed... All of them were cut at the base... Lol

What the???


Monday, August 13, 2012

Archery practice...

He loves the sport... My youngest still does archery but not as much as hubby and I would like... This afternoon I watched him hit a few bulls eyes :)

Hope he keeps it up :)


Beauty abound...

Was watching my youngest practicing his archery this afternoon, when I caught a glimpse of the wattle bush in the late afternoon sunlight...

It begged me to take a picture :)

So beautiful... Just love wattles...


Good Girls...

Today, we got seven eggs :)

Keep up the great work, Ladies!


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bit early, but...

We were all outside this morning and my youngest wanted to pilfer some potatoes from his garden...

As they were way too early, we ended up going to some other tyres that I had set up a while ago. We went down to the backyard where we used to have our gardens...

They are small off course as they are young but we were able to get enough for a meal.

Need to keep their jackets on though or there's nothing left lol. Can't wait to eat them as they are always so yum :)


Friday, August 10, 2012

Decluttering my plants...

Like I wrote a few days ago... I have come to the terrible realization that I have way too many plants. One of the Managers at work has gladly accepted my gifts for the cottages and I'm taking them in tomorrow. There are about 20 in total :)

Am very proud of myself for taking such drastic measures and letting go of so many in one go but know it will be of great benefits for all the people where I work :)

I have put all the going plants in one area and it's amazing how less cluttered the place is already :) So happy!!!

Can't wait for tomorrow :)


I'm in heaven ;)

The rest of my boys think I'm just a little strange and possibly from another planet...

I love mussels. Anything seafoody really! Found these in Aldi with Tomato Sauce... Yum!!! Gone in 30 seconds! Lol


I'm trying Mum...

Another flower emerging from its leafy cocoon :) Should flower soon enough :)

Love watching the progress...


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

About to bloom...

Here's another small wattle about to bloom. Love the foliage :)


Little presents...

Calcium encased gifts of nourishment :)

Thank you chookies. Got them quickly today as I could hear a crow nearby...

Nope, they're ain't getting our eggs if I can at all help it!


Monday, August 6, 2012

What's the Buzz...

It's all the bees from our neighbour as well as our own Australian Native Stingless Bees having a feast on our Wattle bush... Wow, they're noisy and busy getting all the nectar and pollen!

It's out in all its floral glory at the moment. Such a sweet scent if you stand downwind. Great smell when hanging out the washing :)

Glorious sight :) Can't wait for the others to start flowering :)


Use it or loose it...

Over the years I have used things I was given more and more. At one time, I would put precious things away for safe keeping... Now I am more and more determined that I use them.

I figure I'm meant to enjoy it. It's also wonderful to remember the person I got that special something from :)

That is certainly the case with the doily in the picture below. I make sure I don't overwater the plant so that I don't get a stain on it... It's from my Oma. I think it's beautiful. Not just because it has beautiful gold thread in it but because of who it was from. What it represents for me :). Recently, when I rearranged most of the plants in my house, I brought it out of the lounge room and into the kitchen. Right next to the stovetop! I can see it clearly every day now :)

Now that's much better than it hiding somewhere just so it's safe!


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Smell good???

No idea what they were sniffing at but must have been good because they were there for ages... The snorting and sniffing was hilarious to watch and listen to.

Then as soon as we got inside they were asleep... So much energy used up, poor darlings... Lol

Lovely sight...

Oh, it's so good seeing our own eggs in recycled cartons again :) They are odd shaped and that's just how I like it.

Also is so great to have the colour back in my cooking. The yolks are splendid once again :)

Loving it!!!


Friday, August 3, 2012

The good stuff...

Every weekend, I get the jet attachment for the bore hose and walk around hosing in all the lovely golden droppings we get from the chooks and ducks... Great fertilizer, all natural and a lovely way to keep an area green for them to pick at...

So grateful to them for their help in doing things the organic way :)



Heard the news reports about how people aren't too worried about the Carbon Tax and how it had not impacted them at this point... We have also not gotten our rates, power bills yet either... People are so here and now. Look to the future, save, so that you're not hung out to dry...

I have always loved the feeling of reading a book by candlelight :) Now with the uncertainty of the Carbon Tax, I use them even more. We now have most of our meals at night like that too :) It's very calming too which is a bonus :)


Spot the frog???

Love green tree frogs. This one is not real, off course. :) He hangs around in the bath... Love my plants!


Jumpers n Jazz

Well the Festival in Warwick is over for another year... Was wonderful entertainment, shows and loads of jumpers on the trees, off course!

It's amazing really how quickly you get used to them being there and how empty it looks once they are gone...

Looking forward to next year :)


What the???

Hubby was desperate to get Ginger Snaps biscuits at the shops yesterday...

Why? I enquired... To help ward off sea sickness, he says... Me, I'm curious, as I know he ain't going on a boat trip anytime soon... So I ask further and I get the most gobsmacking answer...

It's so he doesn't feel or get sick when he plays his games on the computer. The walking and running motion in Guild Wars for example, makes him ill...

When I heard that, I couldn't stop laughing... Now I'd heard it all... Here he is buying bikkies do he doesn't get sick! Lol


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Changing and decluttering :)

They say change is as good as a holiday...

This last weekend that I had off, I took a few things out of the house that I had been holding onto... The broken candle holders by Jamie Durie for one. It hurt but I did it. They are gone :)

Then I set about rearranging my plants. I have come to finally realise that although I love having plants everywhere and they are great to get rid of VOC's, I really have way too many.

Now realise that even me just admitting this hurts really bad...

Anyway, so now I need to do something with some of these plants... And guess what there are three cottages at work that need more greenery. I'm there at least once a week so will make sure I still get to water them and have a chat :) lol

Am taking them with me on Saturday :) Can't wait!!! Less clutter at home and something beautiful to share with the lovely people I work with :) Win, win!


I'm the boss... No, I'm the boss!!!

One comes up beside me and then usually the other has to be just a little closer... This time Nova won lol

Her and Bailey stayed like that for ages. In the end, Bailey got sick of her and slid out from under her... Funny to watch.



With only mountains all around on our skyline, I can honestly say we have the most awesome sunsets. The air is very crisp out here at the moment. This morning was a cool -2 degrees. Same expected for tonight. And the rest of the week for that matter :)

This sunset we had Monday night... Soooo beautiful, soooo amazing, soooo glorious...


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thanks Midget...

My eldest loves all the chooks but the smallest is his favourate. I call her Road Runner as she's sooooo fast. She's a purebred Australian Pit Game hen that I was given a few years ago from Killarney.

She has started laying again. So lovely to have her little eggs back :)


Another step closer...

More shoveling has been done by the boys... We are close now to arranging the hiring of the compactor... Getting a little bit exciting :)