Friday, July 27, 2012

Asking for it...

Bailey was sunning himself. Nova was just standing next to him...

Then one of the chooks flies up onto the fence and eventually jumped down into the house yard area. I watched all this with great interest. Bailey can't be bothered chasing. Heaven forbid he would have to get up lol. Nova knew something was there but being 3/4 blind, could only see a shadow.

When the chook moved a little, she finally attempted to run towards it. Poor darling had no chance of getting it. She waggled her tail as the chook made her get away :) Think she's realizing she's getting old. But she still tried...

The chooks seem to know that they are fairly safe and even more so when I'm there. No dead chook at this house Thank you...


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Haha, you can't get me...

Was holding onto Isis this morning for a cuddle and saw that Bailey was rather interested in what I was doing... Not that he got anywhere near close enough to even smell her. My shirt got a workout from his nose afterwards though. Hehe

Another reason for the cuddle was that she is a guts... Whenever we put treats in their enclosure, she always argues with Amber over them. This time it was Amber's turn to have some tomato in peace :)


It's finally open...

I've been watching the flower for ages, it seems...

The tightly folded petal finally opened ;) It sits next to the hot plates neat the middle window in my kitchen.

This plant was one of ten babies from an original plant that I separated a while ago. Hope the others follow suit :)


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My youngest loves to give us gory details... His latest facts come from '1001 Gruesome Facts'

Yummy... Lol

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Bailey was snuggling during the week and I couldn't resist taking a photo :)

He's just soooo cute!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Hubby has his Birthday today... We celebrated with a roast dinner last night as I'm working tonight.

This morning he got his cards and presents :)

Love celebrating Birthdays...

Happy Birthday sweetie ;)


Friday, July 20, 2012

Level 1...

This last semester at school, my eldest achieved straight A's for Behaviour and Effort in all of his subjects!

Today, we got to attend the ceremony :)

He has worked so hard to achieve this and certainly couldn't have done it without his wonderful Case Manager at Warwick SHS, Mrs Knudsen... She is one in a billion and hubby and I will always appreciate everything she has done with him. He has changed so much over the time and it so lovely to see the young man that he's growing into...

Think he's a little proud too and so he should be. He is one of only two students in Support with a Level 1! The other is a young lady in Year 11 :)


Thursday, July 19, 2012

What to try...

I got this pot with seeds and really light and fluffy mix but it held water way too much. It ended up drowning the seeds and have done nothing with it since...

It's a lovely looking pot and would like to give it another go... With different medium though I think.

Might try some of hubby's special mix and try some herbs from the hothouse. See how I go... Will update :)


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goanna after the eggs...

Both will go into the Jumpers and Jazz festival in Warwick. This are the decorations for the Maryvale Craft Group entry :)

The nest will be in the tree and the Goanna going up the trunk of the tree. Our decorated tree this year will be outside the Warwick Friendly Society, three trees up from the Warwick Post Office. Loads of people will be able to admire it and the hard work that went into it.

Us craft ladies got one last look at it today, as tomorrow it gets put up onto the tree!

Here's hoping we score a prize :)


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The drought is nearly over???

I have unfortunately been having to buy my eggs for the last five months or so. It seems when one chook goes off the lay, they all follow suit. Even my POL's laid a handful and then stopped...

Very frustrating, this natural process called molting...

So this morning, after I dropped off my eldest at his last day of work experience, I gave the chooks their grain and like any other day I go and check that their sleeping abode aka chook house is in good shape... And low and behold I found an egg... And not one of the four fake ones either. It's a real chook egg... Did a little dance and sent hubby a photo to work :) Told the girls how proud I was and to keep up the good work lol

Then, this arvo when the boys get home, I proudly show off the large egg. Great shell on it too... Very happy.

Youngest kid goes out to shut the chooks in and get the guinea pigs out of the cold for the night and he comes in with another one!!! Woohoo!!!

When one starts to lay it usually means the others start as well... End of the week I will start having a glut ;) And I couldn't be happier! Any excess, I will put into the freezer this time instead of bartering with them or giving them away as much, I think. It's really easy to do. I just break two eggs into each cup in muffin trays, let them freeze and when hard put frozen eggs into bags or containers. I can't make sponges with those eggs but they are good for anything else and keep their lovely colour :)

Can't wait for the glut to come ;)


Monday, July 16, 2012

Sad Tamarillo Trees...

The frost finally got them. Previously, the frost just missed them but not last week... Stems are still green so when warm I still lightly water.

Looking forward to new shoots in Spring :)


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Still going strong :)

I got this last year in April at a market near Wivenhoe Dam. The plants in it are still going strong. Very happy with my arrangement :)

I went back there end of last year and had hoped the elderly gentleman would be there with more but his space was empty... Such a shame... Would have loved another couple. Might get hubby to see if he can make something similar :)


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Great trip...

My eldest went on his reward trip yesterday... Off he went to Brisbane's Queen Street Mall and then to see a NRL game with the Broncos winning, off course...

Reminds me of the one time I saw them... Back in 1988. Wally Lewis was team captain! Makes me feel old lol

My boy got home at midnight, had a ball off course. Am so glad he went :)


Friday, July 13, 2012

Love Birthdays...

Hubby's Birthday is next weekend :) He was very lucky this week and got an early Birthday Card from our local RSL.

We will be using a couple of the vouchers this coming week :)


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First day back...

'Twas hard for hubby yesterday... His first day back after school holidays off lol

So I made sure he came home to something yum :)

Chicken Schnitzel with veggies... Banana and custard for dessert.

The thermomix got two workouts: Mashed potato and custard :)

A hit with all :)


Work experience...

Well my eldest is half way through his time at the Dairy and he's doing really well. He was quiet to start with but knows more of the routines after three days so just gets in there and does his bit. The farmer is such a lovely man and treads him very well :)

My boy has had the chance to do so many jobs there and he's looking forward to doing his last two days next week ;)

I must say his attitude has changed a bit towards his own chores. No arguing... Just gets it done and more.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Catching a plane...

End of last week I got a little invitation in the mail... It was for my friend Adam :) He's celebrating his 40th in December and he really wants me there :) :)

You bet ya I'm going. Been saving my pocket money since January for this so booked my plane ticket online last night. I am soooo excited as haven't been on a plane since 1998!!! And I have also not been to Melbourne before either.

I get to stay with his mum the night before and the four of us (Adam's mum, her best friend, Adam's cousin and I) are going on the same flight. (lucky there were still seats) Adam picks us all up at the airport and takes us on a bit of a long way around tour. Then to his place. He's not going to be there so the four girls are running the house. Oh I can't wait...

Come on December :) Best not forget to put my leave form in this week hehe...


Sleep therapy...

I have started reading an interesting book by Joane Goulding called 'Sleep Talk'... Very interesting so far.

My eldest has been having some issues at school. Stressing allot over deadlines and feeling anything he does is still not good enough. So I went to Headspace with him to see how they could maybe help him overcome this incredible anxiety...

Sleep therapy was one thing suggested so I have borrowed the book from the gentleman that my son sees and will see how it goes... Have only just started so will keep you posted :)


Ergon, Warwick Rocks...

This afternoon, hubby and I went into the Ergon office in Warwick. We had been getting barely luke warm water for about three months now. Didn't bother us really but in the last week it has been getting worse... Hubby hates a less than boiling shower lol

We got served by a lovely lady named Tamara. She arranged to have someone come out and check the relays as that was what it sounded like could be wrong. She said they'd be over this afternoon. With a 400 litre tank we should never really run out of hot water.

I got a call 1.5hrs later and sure enough it was the relays, just as Tamara had thought. Couldn't thank her enough for all her wonderful help.

Today, I find allot of times that it seems so much easier to complain when you don't get the service you expect. Yet when someone goes out of their way to help, some just say 'Thanks' and move on. I do say something in the negative when it is warranted but I also make sure I tell the supervisor when the check-out operator does a great job, the grain is packed really well into my car or whatever. Not hard to do... I like to treat others as I would like to be treated. Makes me smile to be positive, as well as the other person and I like that :)

So I'm off to write a letter of thanks to Tamara's boss. Me, I'm hoping for hot water for tomorrow and that the replaced relays has fixed our problems :)


Friday, July 6, 2012

Bit more done...

Yesterday we had 3 metres of crusher dust and a metre of sand delivered :)

This will be enough for us to finish filling up the patio area before hiring a compactor to stabilize the area. We have also decided that the edging will be concreted.

There's so much to move. Boys are getting muscles they never knew they could grow ;) Hubby and I are too moving and spreading the piles... Great family time :) And very exciting seeing the project take shape!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Oh no! Not the Sisterhood Ring...

Noticed this afternoon after washing my hands that the middle cz is missing...

Will have to see if I can get another stone put in. Little bit sad at the moment about it as I do love to wear it. It was what I bought the last time I had a couple of days with both my sisters. Miss those times but times change things and sometimes you just can't go back, however much you'd like to...

Here's hoping I can get it fixed...


Carob, carob, carob :)

Today I ground up the Carob pods with my Thermomix :) As there weren't that many pods it didn't end up being much but enough for some carob milks for the boys at least :)

The seeds I am to do yet. I want to plant a couple too and see how they go. Want more trees that's for sure.

The powder ended up a little darker than what we normally by from the Health food shop in Warwick but no matter :) It's homegrown! Now you can't get better then that I reckon :)


Helping hand :)

A friend asked me for help with recovering cushions for a glider that was going to go to her step daughter... Now I must say at this point this is the very first time for me... I've never done this before.

We started about 10am and finished the two covers at about 2pm, with hubby providing lunch... Oh, he's so lovely :)

Only thing though, I wish I had of been able to sew the seam in the middle of the cushion... Would have let the fabric sit much better!

I did the back and my friend did the seat cover... Not a bad job for a first go :)

Was a great way to spend the day!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My little Spiderman...

My youngest is climbing up the house wall lol... Literally :)

But not all by himself... He's jumping on the trampoline and likes to bounce off the wall. Great shot I reckon!


Hmmm... Next...

So one thing I have learnt recently is that cheapest is not always the best... Can be nasty and cause you to hang up on... Well who knows who!

Today we ended up giving up on the cheap $5 phone and go for a $48 phone that has a decent warranty and runs on next to no electricity. It better last...

Love the feel of the handle too. And the ring is awesome too :) All very important bits off course... Hehe



The thermomix is getting a workout today :) Making homegrown pumpkin soup as I write.

Love it how it does it all for you and then you just blend at the end. All in one container, straight into soup bowls.

If only I could share the smell with you... :(



Got my fix today! lol

Was running low on studs and Bev and Roger where in town, so I stocked up :)

Only $50 for 24 sparklies... Bargain!


Work experiencer...

My eldest will be doing his experience over the next two weeks... Three days one week, two the next.

He's apprehensive about it all as he doesn't know exactly what he'll be doing. He's at a Dairy Farm near home... He will be looking after the poddy calves as well as general duties and helping with the milking.

Will be interesting :) Can't wait to hear all about his first day on Monday.

Below are the new safety boots he had to get along with a wide brimmed hat, long pants and shirts :) He's totally decked out now!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Our own Carob...

Hubby was walking around the property yesterday with my brother-in-law and they came upon the Carob tree we planted...

Low and behold the pods that were on the tree were ready for picking :) Couple are still left on there :)

They were brought in and this morning, we boiled them in the solar oven to soften the shells.

We cut the pods in half and took out the hard seeds. They are drying and will be ground down to powder and used for flavouring for home made ice cream :) yum

We returned the empty pods to the solar oven on a rack to dry out and they are hard and crunchy now.

Tomorrow we will put the dry pods into the Thermomix and turn the pods into powder :) I can't wait! I'm soooo excited.

This is a huge step for us and a very important one too :)


Being cuddled...

My baby sister and brother-in-law came to visit for the day yesterday. Was great to catch up and for my youngest to flog my sis at pool lol. Fine ok, she did win the last game and then quickly left as she knew there was nooooo way she'd win another hehe!

We ate lots and laughed so hard my cheeks hurt and I kept crying :) Even my ribs and tummy were sore!

The dogs didn't miss out on lots of cuddles either :) Such a tough life...

Was a great day!


Apology accepted...

This was the way my youngest apologized to me...

Written with his neo cubes... Lol

One thing I have never shied away from is apologizing when I have done something wrong. I make sure that I always model that to my boys too. I first apologize and then the other person always accepts the apology.

I have found that accepting that apology is a great way to teach us all to move on.

Cuddles are mandatory as well, off course lol...


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Nova!!!

Today she's 12 in human years. She got her yummiest treat... Cheese :)

We sang 'Happy Birthday' to her... She wondered what all the fuss was about and lapped all the attention up :)

Loved us all being there together to celebrate her big day...