Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shots and checkup...

That time of year in this household... C5 needles for the dogs. Their yearly protection :) Greg, our fantastic vet, gives them the complete look over at the same time... 

Bailey's doing well. Bit of arthritis and a tooth may come out when he goes under in a week to get his teeth properly cleaned. At the same time while being under anesthetic, he will get an annoying growth taken off his hind leg... No more biting and chewing on it! His heart rate and temperature were excellent!

Nova's 13 years old on 1.7.13, so she has a few more issues... Nothing that we can't help with though :) She can only see shadows in the bottom of her right eye now. Greg also confirmed what we suspected... She's also deaf. We make big gestures and she is totally on the ball with her sense of smell. She knows the routine of squatting when going out. She does that on command... When she wanders off we just lightly touch her and she follows easily. Also because she can't hear us anymore, we have replaced it with allot of touch, something she had always loved anyway :) The best part of the visit was finding out that the daily arthritis tablets that we have been giving her, has reversed the arthritis! She may be four years older than Bailey but has slightly less arthritis than him! Yay!!! So glad for that. Heart rate and temperature were excellent also!

So overall a great visit to the vet and also safe from diseases for another year :)


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