Saturday, July 27, 2013


My best friend and her two beautiful boys came to visit us in the mountains today...

We had such a great time. So much laughter, so much fun. We even played UNO :)

A BBQ had been requested, so I asked my two boys to bring ours up from near the shed... My youngest complied :) He did it all by himself! And what a huge effort too!

What we found was a BBQ that had a huge mouse nest in it as well as many spiders calling it home...

Hubby, even though he's still not feeling totally well, got to it and cleaned it up so beautifully... I bought new briquettes and kitty litter to soak up the oil drippings. Was fantastic to use it, after not having used it for... About 7 years! I know... That's so bad! 

I had wanted the BBQ up at the house since we had finished the outdoor area and now it's there :) 

Was sooooo great to have beautiful friends over to rechristen the BBQ. Even Nova scored a mini sausage that hubby accidentally dropped :) The BBQ now has a new cover for it as well and will be used heaps now :)

I love it that she now has a working car that can get her here and back home in one piece... Was a bit iffy before. :) All good now!


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