Monday, November 25, 2013

Another one...

Yep, I've had another Birthday! 'Twas last Friday... I took the Thursday night and Friday morning off as I wanted to wake up with my family around me, and I did! Love Birthdays! 

Weeks earlier, I had found a stall locally, where there was hand stamped jewelery. The lady came from Toowoomba, which is where I also work. Got all the details of what necklace I wanted and gave hubby all the info. He ordered it and I got it as one of my presents!

I just love it! The outside ring is surgical steel and copper on the inside. No tarnishing because of my skin. Normally my skin reacts to stirling silver and the like. The necklace is not long enough though, so I've ordered 3 from eBay. Two are on their way already. Can't wait for them to arrive :) 

It's something I always want to wear. It's very symbolic for me. The Tree of Life at the centre of my little family!


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