Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hail again... And flooding...

After a long shift at work, I tried to get home. The rain was pretty full on most of the journey. Got about 1/2 hr from home and noticed that there was a long stretch of cars and trucks in front of me. Must have been a couple of kilometres at least... I turned around once a police car arrived... Went to Warwick and had dinner.

Found out from Russell that Powerlines were down across the highway and there was no way to get home. The only other way was cut off in four places as the road was flooded. So I stayed and visited a dear friend. 

Came home and am so glad I left it as long as I did. Couldn't get into our village the normal way as the road was cut with flooded waterway. Got through the other way and proceeded with caution. Today, I was very glad that I had been at work. Our hail blanket would have been no protection for my car.

The hail was golf ball size... The largest we have seen here. All the chooks were safe, which I was glad about. Winds reached 88km/hr. Just nuts! All our plants are shredded, needless to say.

A close friend that lives 15 minutes away from us was not so fortunate. She lost 150 chooks, chook pens and all her gardens.

We are all safe though and that's the most important thing. So very blessed.,,

What a show...


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