Friday, February 18, 2011

A Dust surprise...

A red 'Vienna' candle is inside :)

Just beautiful :)

The Oil Lamp that had to be returned...

For Valentine's Day this year, Russell got me a beautiful Oil Lamp. It was filled with Rose Oil and smelt so beautiful. Such an unusual design that I had not ever seen before... Unfortunately whenever the wick was burning the clasp holding the wick was too tight so no oil could travel up the wick. This meant that it would always go out...

Russell sadly returned it to the Dusk Store that he got it from and came home with two other presents instead... The red candle in the little canister is called Vienna... how appropriate as that is where I come from, well Linz but Vienna is Austria's capital city. Very thoughtful of him. :) The other candle is actually also able to be used as a room deodorizer.

Will see how Timothy goes with that one as he is really sensitive to smells. Hope it doesn't play up with Joshua's nose either.

Have always loved Dusk candles and anything to do with their shop... Was such a lovely surprise as anyone that knows me knows how much I love candles of any sort. :)

Cheers Damaris

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