Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm 40!!!

Lunch at Weis Restaurant, Toowoomba

Lunch with Mum at K&K Austrian Cafe

My Birthday Cake, lovingly made for me by Russell

Lisa and Adam with a mega load of seafood... Yep we managed to eat it all :)

Birthday Afternoon tea last Sunday...

I have finally reached that 40's club :) I am rather happy about it too. I had my birthday yesterday but have actually been celebrating for the last 10 days... One has to with such a milestone I believe. lol

I was lucky enough to be taken out to lunch by my wonderful hubby yesterday and had a wonderful feast on seafood... Two of my besties came up the weekend before last and brought a whole heap of seafood with them also... Last weekend my Dad and I celebrated November birthdays yet again. Lots of cakes, six in fact... Way too much food... But what a wonderful time we had. Got a visit in with Margaret and had a lovely lunch with my mum also. Even got cards and a couple of parcels in the mail... One lucky girl :) Older girl I should say. lol

Cheers Damaris

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