Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Plants getting out into the garden...

Now that we had bought so many of the darn things, off course they can't just stay in the shade house the whole time. They have to be planted out... So we ended up with 200l drums and had cut them into three or four surrounds so that we could build up the soil. Our ground is hard as concrete at the moment but with all the healthy manures, blood and bone, mushroom compost we are putting into the soil this should break up the soil underneath and eventually let the roots of the trees grow downwards... This is what we are praying for anyway... We will see I guess. Next door has had no luck with allot of his trees but then he did none of what we have done. He just plonked them in... So here is hoping that what we have done will make a difference. :)

Cheers Damaris

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