Sunday, November 18, 2012

Meet Betty...

Yesterday morning, I said Goodbye to Brad, the Blue Yaris. Had him for 3yrs 11mths... It was great while it lasted...

We got a great deal :) Hubby wasn't happy with what the car yards where willing to take as handover, so he went online and found a great deal $4000 less than in the car yard... Couldn't be beaten!

We ended up with a white Kia Rio Si. 5yrs unlimited warranty, roadside assistance, cruise control, electric everything. Tinting we got done before delivery too :) Betty already has all my phone contacts downloaded in the car. Betty even tells me how many kms I have left before I run out of fuel :)

Have driven her through sun and rain already. On the way home we hit 200km :) on the Odometer. She's going to make my driving to and from work a joy :)

Love Betty :) :) :)

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