Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby Joey...

Yesterday, when dropping home one of our local ladies after Biblestudy at my house, I came across a wallaby that had been killed but not pulled off the road. Happened that morning I would guess, by fly and ant activity on the mum.

As I pulled the wallaby off the road the body turned around and I noticed that there was a Joey in the pouch. I gently teased him off the teat and wrapped him up. He was squirming allot and making smacking noises. Poor darling was hungry. He looked so fragile as he had no fur but boy, he had movement in him!

I washed the tiny maggots on him off and then gave him to a friend and she attempted to drop him off at our local wildlife carer but he wasn't going to be home till the next night. I collected him back from my friend and a carer came out from Warwick! She came straight away. She's had them survive even weighing 60g!!! This boy filled my open hand. She put him into a pouch, tucked him into her shirt while thanking me twice for checking the pouch... Many babies get missed apparently.

I'm so glad he went somewhere that had the right animal formula and the know how... Can't wait to get updates on how he's going...

Update:  Saturday, 30.8.14

Have just found out that the little one died this morning... He fought and fought but a stroke took him in the end. Am so thankful to Lyn for taking care of him while he was here... 


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