Saturday, August 9, 2014


Am making two meals tonight... Russell doesn't do seafood... More for me hehe.

Shepherd's Pie for Russell and Tim. Josh and I are having Salmon. Josh mentioned the other night that he really wanted to try fresh Salmon. We've had it smoked many a time but never fresh.

Aldi is the place for me to go for Tasmanian Salmon, if I can't get straight from the trawlers ;) Great portions and great price!

Love the two pieces I got and think I've done not too bad with them :) Chips... Yummy.

Mum is a wealth of knowledge, receipes and otherwise... Loved and appreciated her advice on how to prepare and cook it, as there were way too many different ways of doing it.

Used one of Josh's lemonades too :)

Made a heap of Shepherd's Pie... Will be plenty if leftovers. Love leftovers...


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