Monday, October 12, 2015

Baby Shower...

The boy has had his day... Was only family and a very close friend. There was Mutti, Lis, Tina, Krystal, Sharyn and I. Six all up :)

Way too much food for all of us and we ate till the next day. 1/4 of the cake came home with me and my family and I partook joyfully. My Mutti makes a fabulous cake, that's for sure! Oh and the home made sausage rolls... Oh and the chicken schnitzels... The whole lot didn't even make it to the table. Bahahaha (Off course I was blamed... Nothing new about that hehe)

Loved doing the games. They were a bit of fun :) My Mutti is stealth at not saying 'Baby'... The prizes were calendars and a bracelet made by me. 

Lis received some really lovely and thoughtful gifts for her baby boy...


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