Friday, December 4, 2015

Award Ceremony...

Last night was Russell's last Awards Ceremony at our local little school... For me, it was a little sad but I'm also looking forward to him moving to his new school. He's going to shine even more. His fantastic qualities will be able to be utilized much more. He's also gotten his qualifications again for upgrading computers in schools. That will generate an extra income also... He had been at this school 4.5 years. He has seen three Principals there and numerous students come and go.

At the moment there are 16 students. He's about to go to a school with over 200. Gonna be awesome. The Principal said some lovely words and gave thanks to him for all his work as well as his dry sense of humour hehe

There were some awards given out as well as some lovely performances by the students. Loved the PowerPoint presentation of what was achieved over the year too ;)


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