Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Miracle reappearance...

Oh my goodness!!! 

9 November 2015... That was the night we lost allot of chooks and more went missing...

Yesterday, as Tim was shutting in the chooks from their day of free ranging, he found a Barnevelder chook on our rock pile... Just going up and down it... We wondered if it was one of the lost chooks.

She was so easy to catch. So tame. Tim placed her in the Chookhouse with the others. She looked healthy and was lice free. Added bonus :)

This morning we took her out. Checked her over again. She had nothing in her crop which means she hadn't been fed by anyone else, all this time probably... She is very healthy and was just sitting in my arm. No struggles to get away.

We placed her in one of our large cages for her to get used to being here again. Food, water and a dry warm place to sleep completed the set up.

It's just amazing to think that after 7.5 months we have one of our chookies back!!! And we know it is one of ours as one of the ones that we lost had a single white feather, as this one does... She's the same age as our other Barnevelder too. We had had three of them. Neither we ever found killed. Looking forward to reintroducing her back to the flock in a week or so :)

Now Tim's hoping more will reappear... Not sure about that one. He has aptly called her Wanda! Hehe...


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