Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dedication Day...

Our local school had a Resource Centre built last year with all that Federal funding that all schools got...

Today, was the day when Senator John Hogg came to open the building officially :) He's the President of the Senate. Sounds rather an important role. He was a very warm gentleman :) Loved to interact with the kids, even sitting down in the reading corner and reading to some of the students :)

BBQ eggs and sausages with bread, tea or coffee where consumed. Then down to speeches and the all important ribbon cutting :) My friend Fiona's youngest boy did the honours and helped cut the gold ribbon. He was so happy!

Was such a lovely hour spent catching up with a couple of friends. Was disappointed though that only one parent of the 25 kids that attend the school came... Such a shame :(

For me, it was a great time spent as I got to meet new students I had not met before. One young girl caught my eye in particular... She was so sweet! I don't go to the school much these days as my boys are both at high school now. I do visit hubby in the office occasionally though, when on my way through to work!

All in all a great way to spend the morning :)


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