Saturday, September 29, 2012

Time travelling...

That's what I've been doing... While at my sister's this week, breakfast consisted in part of beautifully cut bread with seeds, lovingly buttered by Lis and my Mum's jam on top!

I nearly died of shock and couldn't help squealing with delight as I saw the long not seen patterns the jam made on the butter :) :) :)

That sight and smell of that jam... Oh, I was right back there in Austria as a little girl on a Sunday morning having breakfast. Amazing how something so simple can make your week :)

On top of that, Lis gave me the rest of the jar of jam that had only just been opened... Guess what has pride of place in my fridge... Lol

Now... I must find out what jam it is! Plum, I believe but not sure. Ever so silky, and yum off course :)


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