Friday, October 19, 2012

Visiting Rebecca and Mark...

I love going out to their place... They have soooo many different types of purebred chooks. Now they are breeding them too. Oh, the hundreds of babies... I was in heaven :)

Yep, I came home with three new babies of my own ;) Three pullets... They're show quality Rhode Island Reds :) :) :)

Have wanted to get more for ages as we all love that breed out here and Mark just happened to have four. Oops I now have three of them hehe... All happened so fast and before I knew it, I was on my way home with a box of chookies :) He's so lovely for letting me take care of his precious babies for the rest of their lives...

My chook boy was so happy with the three pullets :) No sitting with me in the front on the way home from Gymnastics... Oh no, he had to sit in the back so he could converse with them :) Just love it!

Now we are looking forward to them getting the last of their adult feathers and seeing what their personalities end up like :) Can't wait to name them :)

The first picture is one of Bec and Mark's out on their lovely farm, the second... Meet our three new girls :)


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