Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year, new challenges, new dreams...

I love the beginning of a new year... To me, it's about leaving the old behind and starting afresh... And that is certainly the case this new year...

Last year, I was bogged down with allot of pain from old injuries... There was allot I couldn't do... Hubby and the two lads did an excellent job stepping up to the plate...

But more and more each day, I'm coming back... And I love it.

Things will be very different this year at work especially... I like change, to an extent... Will see what happens... I am looking forward to the challenges :) I am so up for more learning. Also, still determined to convert my Cert III to a Cert IV :)

Tomorrow, I'm getting on the tractor to mow some paddocks! Have not been able to do that in a year... And I can't wait :)

I just finished a night and nearly all day shift and my hand didn't give me grief once... Sooooo happy :)


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