Saturday, October 5, 2013

Leak and corn quiche...

Oh, yummy... Yes, it was... Only needed 4 of our lovely chook eggs but it rose so well in the oven. 

I must say, I love using our own eggs hands down over shop bought ones any day... Even their so called free range eggs are nothing compared to ours here. Their free range and mine are completely different and for that my chooks and I are thankful! Yes, mine are free range and also anything that they eat is organic and wholesome. No pesticides, hormones or antibiotics at all. I don't need it out here. The only problem we have had here is live and that's happened twice in six years, after allot of rain. So glad to know that our eggs are as close to what nature intended as possible and for 6 months of the year we get to enjoy them in abundance.

That reminds me, I have to slow up on giving all my excess eggs away and start freezing them... Last season, I had to buy eggs for two out of the six months that my lovelies were off the lay. Must try and reduce that even more this season :) Does anyone freeze their eggs too?


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