Saturday, October 12, 2013

Seeing Mum...

Hubby's Mum had requested my Sister-in-law and my attendance... Had no idea what was going on.

Am glad she asked to see me today as it's my day off :) We all turned up and had a lovely BBQ lunch. I made Soggy Cake for dessert! Always a hit. Hadn't made it in about a year and it has been requested for Christmas as well ;)

My hubby's Dad and Granddad went fossicking at Mt Tarampa back in 1978... They dug up some decent sized garnets. Two large rocks had recently been taken by hubby's Mum to the family jeweler and he turned them into three large finished pieces and set them beautifully. My Brother-in-law's wife, Sister-in-law and I all got hand made necklaces today. Sooo precious. So beautiful! Am so blessed. Means so much to me. Love being apart of this beautiful family...

Was a great chance to get an updated photo of my boys with hubby's Mum too! Was wonderful to catch up with everyone... Can't wait till December, when we get together again for Christmas :)


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