Saturday, May 31, 2014

All for Angus...

Today, a whole bunch of locals got together to cater morning tea and lunch for a bunch of cricketers, officials and spectators. It was the Maryvale Cricket Club versus Lew Cooper's Invitational Team. 

Was fantastic to see Angus tossing the coin this morning at 9:30am. Angus is a local 8yr old boy who has the rare Pallister-Hall syndrome. He's in need of surgery on the tumour that he has on his brain. The surgery and rehab can only be performed in America, and it's very costly... He's such a brave boy. Makes you realise just how insignificant our own problems are...

The four in our family were glad to do our bit today and hopefully there'll be lots more money raised tonight at the charity dinner and auction. Hope I win one of the raffle prizes :)


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