Monday, March 30, 2015

Revamped Oven...

Today my Dad was back :)

The oven got the heater coil replaced. The oven seal also got replaced. The new deal just arrived today in the mail a hour before my Dad got here! 

Then my Dad also fixed the bottom of the oven. The fan sucks in the hot air and then it blows out downwards. That strip down the bottom had rusted through totally. So allot of heat was escaping and the rusting continued... Dad found a slat from an old aluminum garden table and he and Russell cut it to size. My Dad then screwed it in place with spare screws he found in his bucket of spares hehe

I have an oven that's on its third life!!! Woohoo, against thanks so much Dad for fixing it :) And thanks Russell for keeping the slats of the old garden table :)

Feeling so blessed!


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