Sunday, April 12, 2015

It's a frog not a toad...

Yay, I win!!!

Russell reckons this was a toad. I told him 'No way'! And I was right. Confirmed by none other than the Queensland Museum... Sent photos by email and had it confirmed... What a most wonderful service :)

Guess what it's called...

It's a Pobblebonk Frog... Bahaha, what a cutie.

We found him when getting rid of the dead lillypilly plant. He was under shrubbery and weedy grass as well as mostly buried in soil... He seemed happy. Moved him on to hopefully a better home :) Away from prying chook eyes too :)

So glad it wasn't a toad, not that I thought that for a second... Here's to many more Pobblebonk Frogs ;)


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