Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shaving time...

Bailey, shaved and having a rest at my feet :)

I love it when I get to shave the dogs... I have always done it with Bailey and now with Nova as well. We have set of Wahl clippers and they have not let us down yet. The ones that we have you can even clip cattle with it... And horses... Not that I would but handy to know that they are capable. They have been worth every cent. Yes they cost allot for clippers but boy do they do their job. :)

I use it to cut the boys and Russell's hair as well of course. Saves us a fortune not having to go to the Hairdresser... I actually started doing it as Russell's mum used to always do his. The only time in his whole life he has gone to a Hairdresser was on the day of our wedding. lol

Then with Timothy being the way that he is I did it with him as well and then did all of them in the end as it was much easier that way. They only get crew cuts but will have to learn some sorts of techniques I guess once they want actual cuts...

So back to the dogs... I love to do them at the moment as we have had allot of rain and as I have mentioned before we currently have a huge amount of burrs... So with the shave off they came as well. Yay!!! Gotta be happy about that.

Russell and Joshua help me hold them when I get to the tricky areas and the bits underneath. Timothy does the hair cleanup. All of this gets done outside off course. No way that I would do it inside. Not that I can at the moment anyway as we have chicks in the bathroom. Don't want to give them any ideas... lol

So now they are done and over their 'trauma'. No they are not fussed on getting done but know that they feel so much better for it afterwards. :)

Cheers Damaris

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