Saturday, December 31, 2011

Onion Marmalade...

Yep that time of year again. Was going to town couple of weeks ago and came across 10kg boxes for $5. So I got two boxes and ended up making 23 glass containers of onion marmalade... Started at about 10:30am and finished my last batch of water bathing at 1:30am... I was had it by the end. But so worth it. Will make great presents :)

Cheers Damaris


Anonymous said...

How do you use onion marmalade? Sounds good to me. Maybe With meat and on sandwiches? B.

Damaris said...

Hi :)

You can use it all sorts of ways... On meat meals... I use it with crackers, kanana and cheese. It's very much a ying/yang thing... Compliments all round. Friend of mine even just spreads it on her morning toast :)

Cheers Damaris