Saturday, December 31, 2011

What a champ...

In the second last week of school we were notified that Tim had reached a new Behaviour level for the last 1/2 year's work... This level is only for Effort and Behaviour in the school, while in class as well as outside of it. He had been on level 4 which meant that he had 3 C's. Fine with Russell and I as they were all for mainstream classes and we know how much he struggles. They are still average anyway so not bad marks at all.

He managed, with allot of help and scaffolding to get rid of all C's and got 6 lots of A's!!! He got A's and B's for the rest. This meant that by the of the year he needed up with Level 2. To say that Russell and I are really proud is such an understatement...

He got a rewards trip from school and ended up going to Dreamworld on the last Wednesday of the year. He was so happy to go even though it was raining.

Cheers Damaris

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