Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baking and cooking Day...

I normally have one Tuesday a month to be all by myself. No kids, no hubby... I love that day and treasure it very much... So imagine my surprise when my mouth opened up and I invited Fi up for a baking day!

I couldn't understand the logic but went ahead with it all them same. So today, just after 10am Fi rocks up at my house with her beautiful Phoebee with ingredients in hand.

Fi baked 110 bikkies. My boys enjoyed their treat when they got home from school :) We managed to finish off the last of some Reisauflauf too. I made Parmesan and Garlic crumbed Chicken Tenders with chunky potato wedges on the side :) Was Devine and the boys loved it. No leftovers off course :)

Was so lovely to have a nice big catch up with Fi, listen to some great music and reconnect. I found stuff about her and she found out stuff about me. Was great to see that change in me from my side :)

Cheers Damaris

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