Monday, June 25, 2012

Settling in...

Slowly but surely the three new Leghorns are settling in. They still dart around at the edges when it's feeding time with either scraps or grain. They get their share though :)

They also have this uncanny ability to walk through the backyard fence and have a nibble or five on my garlic chives... Then they just walk through the fence again to get out...

Hopefully that will cease once they grow up a little more lol

Cheers Damaris


Barb. said...

Camper Trailer! Do you go away often?
Yeah yeah, the chooks look good too.

Must say I do like seeing chooks roaming around like that, heaps better than muddy pens.


Damaris said...

:) The ones settling in are on the right, the two black with white flecks and the grey blue one :) Love to see them roaming and wouldn't have it any other way. They do get shut in every night though to keep them safe from any predators.

We get away as often as we can. It's another great way for us to bond as a family :)