Friday, June 1, 2012

First Day of Winter...

Sent my boys a message this morning: Kisses and cuddles for the first of the month, and Winter... Lots of returns :)

Was fitting to have the fireplace going today. It's cold and wet to boot. The dogs don't even want to go outside to do their business... Same struggle with them each winter! Don't want to get their tush or paws wet ;)

This morning I did my last shift at work till next Thursday. Once a month I get about six nights off. Soooo lovely. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my job. I am truly blessed and I know it. The support from management and the office staff as well as the other disability support workers is amazing. I am so happy to be working there... Love my down time though, with my three boys.

Russell, Tim and Josh love that week as I'm all theirs :) and so do I!

Josh has come home this afternoon, done his chores and then made us a fire. Even have some washing on rails to dry by the heater :) While I sit here my toes are warming up. They've been cold most of the day.

Russell's making homemade Pizza for dinner tonight, which I love. He's great in the kitchen and he also loves it :)

The last few weeks I have been trying hard to live in the moment... Whatever that may be... Been doing well and have enjoyed some small stuff in a big way. One example is... Tim singing on the way home from Gymnastics... Belting out tunes. Yes, they were mostly out of tune but so lovely to listen to him as Josh doesn't like him singing. He, though loves to sing :) He went for it and had a ball. I did too :) I hope to always remember those precious little moments.

Ok, cuddle time with the dogs before dinner :)

Cheers Damaris

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