Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The drought is nearly over???

I have unfortunately been having to buy my eggs for the last five months or so. It seems when one chook goes off the lay, they all follow suit. Even my POL's laid a handful and then stopped...

Very frustrating, this natural process called molting...

So this morning, after I dropped off my eldest at his last day of work experience, I gave the chooks their grain and like any other day I go and check that their sleeping abode aka chook house is in good shape... And low and behold I found an egg... And not one of the four fake ones either. It's a real chook egg... Did a little dance and sent hubby a photo to work :) Told the girls how proud I was and to keep up the good work lol

Then, this arvo when the boys get home, I proudly show off the large egg. Great shell on it too... Very happy.

Youngest kid goes out to shut the chooks in and get the guinea pigs out of the cold for the night and he comes in with another one!!! Woohoo!!!

When one starts to lay it usually means the others start as well... End of the week I will start having a glut ;) And I couldn't be happier! Any excess, I will put into the freezer this time instead of bartering with them or giving them away as much, I think. It's really easy to do. I just break two eggs into each cup in muffin trays, let them freeze and when hard put frozen eggs into bags or containers. I can't make sponges with those eggs but they are good for anything else and keep their lovely colour :)

Can't wait for the glut to come ;)


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