Monday, July 9, 2012

Ergon, Warwick Rocks...

This afternoon, hubby and I went into the Ergon office in Warwick. We had been getting barely luke warm water for about three months now. Didn't bother us really but in the last week it has been getting worse... Hubby hates a less than boiling shower lol

We got served by a lovely lady named Tamara. She arranged to have someone come out and check the relays as that was what it sounded like could be wrong. She said they'd be over this afternoon. With a 400 litre tank we should never really run out of hot water.

I got a call 1.5hrs later and sure enough it was the relays, just as Tamara had thought. Couldn't thank her enough for all her wonderful help.

Today, I find allot of times that it seems so much easier to complain when you don't get the service you expect. Yet when someone goes out of their way to help, some just say 'Thanks' and move on. I do say something in the negative when it is warranted but I also make sure I tell the supervisor when the check-out operator does a great job, the grain is packed really well into my car or whatever. Not hard to do... I like to treat others as I would like to be treated. Makes me smile to be positive, as well as the other person and I like that :)

So I'm off to write a letter of thanks to Tamara's boss. Me, I'm hoping for hot water for tomorrow and that the replaced relays has fixed our problems :)


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