Sunday, January 5, 2014

Declutter Part 6...

More pictures and hangings came off the walls of the house... The hallway is soooo bare but I love the echo you can hear when talking and walking down it! My eldest is freaking out a little. He wants it all back on the wall... He keeps saying he loves all the stuff all over the walls... 

Well, I don't! It's just too much... He'll see once things are finished, just how much better it will look... We will be able to breathe and relax...Amazing how things accumulate over even short periods of time... Will be great not to have to rush around madly before people come to visit or to be embarrassed if someone just turns up. Something is always out of place and I like neat and tidy! The biggest thing for me will be the quick and easy thing dusting and cleaning will be!!! 

I'm not being drastic, don't get me wrong. What we keep, will be beautiful and useful... Nothing wrong with that aim, hey? More of a realistic minimalistic :)


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