Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Kombucha Container...

Been looking for over a month. My other container got a large crack at the tap. It started to leak, ever so slightly. So glad it wasn't a flood!

Anyway, I found a new container in Toowoomba last week! Took five goes but finally found one that didn't have sharp edges or cracks around the tap.

When I got it home, I also realised that this container was allot bigger than my last one! This one is 7 litres and the other was 4 litres. Good excuse to make up some more tea :)

I let the tea cool overnight and added it to the rest and left it to settle... Brewing nicely as I write :)

I love it how it works... Take a SCOBY or mushroom, add it and some original liquid to sweet black tea, put into a glass container and let sit out of sunlight for a week. Then consume, slowly to begin with and diluted with juice, if wanted. Top up container as needed. Tim still loves the Kombucha Candy I make. Great way of getting rid of extras also ;)


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