Monday, November 17, 2014

Settling in...

Our five ex-battery hens spent their first night with the other dozen chooks in the big chook house last night...

Floppy was the only one that felt she needed to assert her authority as head hen ;) Not much happened, which I was grateful for. They all dust bathed straight away too which was awesome to see. They pecked at my toes and shoes. They kept chatting to Tim and I, which was cute to watch. 

This morning, I let them out really early so that everyone could get their spots before it got really hot. The new girls hung around the chook house and I made sure they had water there with a huge chunk of ice. One of the chooks also insisted on sunbathing, silly thing, as it was rather hot but she also loved the cold drink.

The other chooks got their chunk of ice down at the shed, where Bruce had them assembled in the shade :) 

The new girls made their own nest in the chook house and laid one egg there while the others laid six in the nesting boxes. 

It'll take a while before they're part of the flock and then another 15 chicks join the flock :) Soooooo cool watching the changing dynamics, I reckon anyway!


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