Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Dishwasher is BACK!!!!!

My Beautiful Dishwasher, back in its correct spot. :)

My dishwasher has not been working for a while. It started playing up middle of November 2008 but I didn't get onto anyone to fix it for me until February this year. I didn't mind doing the washing so much at that time but it wore thing pretty quickly...

I had a company come out and they said it was just blocked spray heads. Well there were a couple blocked but that did not change the fact that the pump was not pumping water to the top tray... I was not covered by warranty and had to fork out $169.00 for their words of wisdom. Needless to say I will never use them again.

I took my dishwasher to another man in Warwick and he was able to order the new pump in for me... but wait for it... they had none in stock so I had to wait for another seven weeks. So a couple of days ago I got it back. A friend helped me get it out of my car and into my house and even helped me with hooking it up again.

I have a motor and pump (being all in one these days) that is of better quality as they didn't make my older model anymore. Mind you my dishwasher was only purchased July 2007. You would not think so with the amount of trouble it has given us.

I also love having it back in our lives as it only uses 13.5 litres of water and heats it own water. Therefore not using my solar hot water and using alot less than when I do it manually.

But I am optimistic that this is in the past. It works beautifully and perfectly. I am one happy girl. You will soon find out that it does not take alot to make me happy. When I don't have to have my hubby doing dishes on the weekend and he can do other stuff... he is happy too. :)

Win, win situation I believe.

Cheers Damaris

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