Tuesday, May 12, 2009

RIP Poppy

Joshua with Poppy licking him, something she loved to do to everyone.

Well I have previously written about our three darling dogs. Today we lost our lovely Poppy. Timothy is very upset off course and we just buried her. We will plant a tree on top in memory. A plaque is also being put together by Russell for her.

She was only 8 1/2 years old which is a shame. From the looks of things she had a heart attack. At 11:30am I was watching her moving and making little barking noises that she always made when she was chasing something in her dreams. By 12:30pm she was gone.

We checked her all over and there were no ticks or anything else that could explain her demise. Timothy later went and put flowers from the garden all over and around her. He may have alot of problems expressing himself but he feel deeply and this proves it for me really. Tonight will be a tough night that is for sure. And so will the next few...

Cheers Damaris

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Ann at eightacresofeden said...

So sorry to hear about your poppy. We lost our first dog Nisha, a collie/kelpie cross, to a paralysis tick, it was heart rending. I was pregnant with the twins and I took it harder than my children. Time does heal and we did replace her. Faith our border collie has been a wonderful companion. I'm very vigilant about ticks too these days.