Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rain, rain and more rain...

Rainbow on Friday, on the way home from Toowoomba.

You may have heard that SE Queensland has had alot of rain in the last few days. There is more to come apparently.

Our here near Warwick, we have had a lot of rain but nothing like parts of Brisbane. I am glad that our tanks are all full and overflowing in parts. The tank on the shed just keeps dribbling over the edge. Funny to watch.

Couple of nights ago I went and milked Lorray as normal. After milking I always give her, Lavender and Sausage a biscuit of lucerne hay. Well I did that alright, in the dark with Joshua's new little touch that he got for his Birthday.

On my way back from Lavender's paddock I remembered that I had not been able to collect eggs for two days due to the continual pouring rain. So I made my way to the chookhouse, remembering that it can get rather slippery when wet. Black soil in all its glory...

Yep you guessed it. I got through the gate of the chookpen area and slipped over and landed on my right hip. I am sooooo glad that noone saw me as it was rather funny. I felt myself going down, in slow motion and as if it was not happening to me. I realise this is how I feel when having a car accident as well (have had a few too many off them...) Anyway got up, got my 18 eggs and went back inside.

I was more cheesed off that I couldn't wear the pants I had on for more than one day as I just got them out for milking Lorray to keep warm. I also got 6.5 litres of milk that day.

The rain has overall been wonderful as we really needed it. It is soooo brown around here. Unless irrigated it is just so brown. Time of year really but still will be nice in a couple of weeks to see the green coming thru in the paddocks.

It is the mud boots on the cows I can't stand to look at. It looks rather uncomfortable... Today there is still a bit of spitting around the place. Chooks are happy and geese and ducks are having a ball in any puddles that they find. Happy days!!!

Cheers Damaris

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Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Yes, I know the feeling Damaris! We have been isolated since Friday due to the floods. The third time this year! Our road is cut off in both directions but as our home is on a hill our property does not flood. We have our own little island! The winds were horrendous but being surrounded by trees gives us shelter from the storm, there are leaves and branches everywhere!And it is very soggy and slippery underfoot too, our chooks were staying inside their house and the dog was not that keen to go with the kids to milk the cows next door!