Friday, May 29, 2009

Pins have come out...

The three pins from Timothy's shoulder
Russell and I took Timothy back to Toowoomba Hospital this morning to get his three pins removed. These pins were put in on Mother's Day. Timothy had been playing on a playground and climbed up on a rocket at a park in Toowoomba. He fell about 2.5 metres onto his right shoulder. He went to hospital with the Ambulance and ended up having surgery that night. Next night he was allowed to come home. He has been off school since then, three weeks.
He was really worried about them hurting. Before we left I gave him Nurofen so that he could not feel the pain so much.

We got there and they took us to a treatment room. He was swabbed down on the shoulder and the pins were taken out. Timothy was scared but very brave. He said that it didn't really hurt but felt very strange. He could not decribe the feeling...

So now we have to take him back again in another three weeks and have more Xrays done to see if the bones have mended correctly.

Timothy will go back to school again finally next week. At this stage I am keeping him home for Monday and possibly Tuesday. Where the pins were the holes are still open and want them to close up a little first before letting him lose on the school grounds.

He is now looking forward to getting back there but ponders what he will do when the rest of the school (there are only 30 children in our school) does sports. What is he going to do? We will see...

So here is hoping that the mending keeps going the way it should.
Cheers Damaris

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