Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bluecare Christmas Party Fun...

Timothy at the microphone singing...

Last Friday night we had the pleasure of attending the Bluecare Christmas Party at Cooinda. That is the house where Timothy has his respite every three or four months, just for the weekend.

There was plenty of punch, food, lucky door prizes, donated cakes and donuts as well as fun and a wonderfully festive atmosphere. Timothy was determined not to dance though, or so he said...

Once the music started he saw that there was a microphone for people to use to help along with the music. The music therapist had one and there was a spare one. Well that was it for him. He saw that another client had the microphone and he wanted it, wanted it bad... He loves Sing Star when we go to one of our friend's house so it was a hit.

After a few songs he said that he wanted to sing along on the microphone, I asked if he could have a go and the answer off course was YES. So there he was singing along to the best of his ability. He loved it.

He then stayed over for respite and I pick him up this afternoon. He has been there for five days this time. I can't believe it. Such a long time yet it went so quickly. Joshua and I had the chance to do allot of things just the two of us and I am really appreciative of that. I think he is as well.

Timothy I know went to Tempin' Bowling on Monday so he would have loved that, especially as it takes him to Toowoomba. Likes a trip that boy. :)

But I must admit that it was hard saying Bye to him on Friday after all the fun we had together. On the other hand the last couple of months have been rather difficult here so I knew it would do him as well as us allot of good. And it has! Can't wait to see him. :)

Cheers Damaris

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