Monday, June 6, 2011

Tannymorel Sports Day at Maryvale...

So many people...

Joey and Josh...

Mr Polis and his little school :)

The shield :)

Couple of weeks ago we have a number of small schools out at our local cricket oval which adjoins Maryvale State School. The P&C catered for the hungry mob and we ended up raising $1000 much needed funds. What a day we had. There were so many trophies to give out and our school scored the Number 1 prize again. Most points comparative with how many children are in the school. Not bad for a school of only 11 kids. :)

Joshua hounded me to let him enter everything you can think of. I let him as long as he was careful, which off course he was. He knee was just about right though his cast weighed him down a little. He ended up with four ribbons and must say that I am soooo proud of him for trying so hard. His school couldn't have done without his help... You're a champ Darling. :)

Cheers Damaris

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