Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New bits...

Nova enjoys the new Futon. lol

Very comfy :)

Well after five years the futon is no more... It has gone to another home where someone else can use it. Had plenty of life still in it but not for us anymore... I was over it... Well and truly... The dining table also had a crack in the table top from when we moved into the house which was now getting bigger... It also had to go. So the chairs went to a new home but the table is living in the shed now and Russell uses it down there :)

So we still needed to get a sofa bed of some sort as we don't have a spare room for guests... We found a lovely futon that also acts as a lounge. The lounge was a sale item... $700 off and all leather with all the warranty attached. Couldn't say no...

Very happy to have things rearranged and all the furniture fits in really nicely... Loving it :)

Cheers Damaris

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