Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On with it...

Somewhere to hang the hose as well as wash veggies :)

New chairs for the new dining table :)

Russell has left his Brisbane job now about five weeks ago... This has meant that he has spent allot more time at home. All of it in fact. This has taken some time to get used to but seeing I am gone two nights a week it is not too much of a drama. He is there when I am not and he works at Maryvale State School in the office 1.5 days a week... Totally sweet... Am loving the change and am very happy and content...

With Russell being home it is amazing how much has gotten done around the place lately. All those little jobs that need doing have finally started getting done. :) Woohoo... Now to keep that momentum going. lol

Cheers Damaris

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