Friday, September 20, 2013

8 egg cake...

I know, I know... The receipe only called for six eggs but I couldn't help it... They were just soooo yellow!

Made this cake today for a friend and her three little darlings... Yes, today I had visitors! Don't have them often...

Was so lovely to give away some water kefir grains, eggs and sourdough starter... Love to share. Someone blessed me with them so now I bless others in return... Paying it forward :)

The cake has now been demolished... Yep, my boys came home from school!

Told my youngest that it was Failsafe and his next question was: 'So, you'll be making it often then???' With a huge grin, flapping those long eyelashes at me... Hehe... Was rather yummy.

A beautiful, if not windy day all round ;)


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