Monday, September 30, 2013

From sour dough crusts to crumbs...

Nothing gets wasted at my house... Had sour dough crusts get a little too dry on the weekend. Put them into my lovely Thermomix! 30 seconds later... Lovely crumbs that I can use next time I make Rissoles or Chicken Schnitzels :)

Love it!



Lily said...

This is a great idea, how do you store the crumbs so they last a bit longer?

Dalinz said...

Hi Lily,

I've done crumbs that way for ages, even before we got our Thermomix as it saved allot of money over time plus I knew what went into the crumbs I was using for cooking. Have you looked on the back of an average packet of crumbs lately??? It's horrifying what's in there! The crumbs I make don't last too long as I use them often. I do put them into a Tupperware container though. If I have heaps then I also keep them in the freezer :) HTH