Saturday, September 14, 2013

My first sourdough bread...

Yesterday, I knew I was going to try out this dough... It had intimidated me for a very long time... I was scared of it... Yesterday, I overcame that fear...

I stirred and kneaded by hand, as per instructions... In future, I will use the Thermomix :) Much more consistent that way.

Both the rises were done with the sun this first time. In future, I think I will use the oven for the second rise, to give the bread more height.

When I was given my starter, I was told the first few loaves would be a heavy lump and not really bread... Both my loaves turned out fluffy and light. A little heavier than normal bread but that's sourdough, so expected that anyway.

I'm so thrilled with the outcome. My whole family loves the bread. Am making more as we speak... Such a cheap way to make the bread and something so good for us as I know exactly what's in it!


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