Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can I do it Mum???

Bailey having a chew :)

I will get there, Mum... :)

Love to watch the dogs with their bones when they get them... Bailey has his in no time flat... He has all his teeth you see. Nova on the other hand she is so funny to watch... It takes her about five hours just to get a chook wing down her. Bones and chewing anything off that has been left there by the butcher can take a very, very long time. But it amuses her and she diligently looks after it. Love her determination... her gums are now quite tough so she can have the bones still which is great...

Took her to the vet the other day, as I have mentioned in an earlier post and her gums are doing really well. The vet is really pleased with her... On that note as well she has put on weight. :) :) She is filling out. This means that the steroid injection as well as the puppy food is working... Wonder how this will be maintained. Can't wait to see the Vet this coming Monday to find out. :)

Cheers Damaris

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