Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love the new gloves...

Also my favourite colour. hehe

When I subscribed to Gardening Australia at the end of last year I not only got a bargain as it was on a great special for the yearly subscription but I also scored a great pair of gloves... I use them all the time when I am outside. I usually tend to not have gloves on and it is starting to show on my hands. Especially since I love, love, love to pull weeds... I know, strange but there you have it. I love to mow and I love to pull weeds. You see the effect straight away. There is always a difference when you are finished. And that for me makes it very worthwhile :)

Just love my new gloves. :) Hardly any sweat even when using them for a while and are soooo comfy :)

Cheers Damaris

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Malinda Chaudhry said...

That’s some much-needed protection for when you’re pulling out weeds! That should make the job much easier, not to mention much less time-consuming. That should also help you enjoy your gardening! Anyway, do you still have this pair of gloves? Have you thought of buying new ones?